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Simple to use 35 mm manual focus SLR camera. Model number X-370.

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Under range light stuck blinking on Minolta x-370s

Hello! I’ve had my Minolta x-370s for about a year now and it’s always been very realizable and worked no problem. Recently however an issue has cropped up where the under range (downward arrow) on the viewfinder is always flashing no matter what I do with the aperture ring. I have tried replacing the batteries and switching off of auto mode but it hasn’t changed anything. I’m worried due to this issue that the shutter speed isn’t properly adjusting to the lighting in shooting which will lead to overexposed pics (the shutter speed is really really slow currently).

Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue?

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There is a ring around the bodies lens mount that intersects with the lenses aperture control ring. Does it move freely? If not it may need cleaning.

The other possibility is the photo-diode which measures the light entering the lens has failed.

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Thanks for the response! The ring you described on the camera body does move freely so I don’t think that’s the issue.. Maybe it’s the photodiode issue that you described, which I hoped wasn’t the case!

Is this a relatively easy fix/common issue? I’m currently long term traveling so wonder if a camera shop would be able to fix it easily or if I’ll be out of luck.


@jocktuttle - A good camera shop should be able to fix things.

I should also add the solder used by Minolta at the time often broke down. It’s possible just re-soldering the wires is all that’s needed.


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