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Is there any way I could upgrade this laptop Ram, CPU, etc

thinking about buying new laptop but before I do I want to see If It can be upgraded at all instead

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With those kinds of laptops, ram, and storage are likely soldered to the motherboard. The CPU can probably not be replaced. I am not 100% sure if you can replace the ram or storage, but if you open it up, you may be able to see if there is removable ram and storage. If you can't tell, you can post a picture.

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Two P1 screws hold a small plastic door on the bottom. Behind this door is an M.2 socket for a 2280 SSD.


@danielgimp35510 WOW. THANK you a lot dude. I can't believe i didn't see this. I knew that door was there for a reason. Before i buy a 2280 ssd, i want to ask, if i install an ssd there will it work for operating system or just storage.


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