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Why does my iPod say the battery is dead?

I replaced the battery in my iPod touch. Before reassembling it, I made sure it turned on and everything was fine. When I reassemble it, there is no power and it says the battery is dead.

Every time I tear it down it powers on, as soon as I put the security plate on, it shuts off and says dead battery

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It turns out it was the home buttons ribbon cable. I'm not entirely sure what exactly was happening, but when I closed the aluminum plate while the ribbon cable was pulled through it, the whole iPod would cease functioning. I cut a little strip off the plate for the ribbon cable to sit freely, and it works perfectly normal once again :)

Thanks for all the replies and help!

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It sounds like you might have a issue with the solder joints on the battery

Here’s what to check

Make sure that the battery’s cable is as flat to the board as possible,make sure all 3 pads are solid and aren’t coming off easily…I would pay close attention to the middle one as that one has a lot todo with charging the device

And last I would check that you have insulation over the contacts for the cable to make sure nothing is shorting out:-)

After that it could be a bad battery

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Greetings, I had this problem.
Basically It has to do with the middle pad on the battery, It plays the role as the current charge signal. (So it can tell what % the battery is at)

@hellomacos Can help you I bet!

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I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by middle pad. Do you mean the centre solder of the three connections? I don't see a pad anywhere 😅


@levikwiatkowski - No it's my fault!

I should have been more clear!


I'm terribly sorry, but I still don't follow.

Is there something I can do, or do I need to replace something ?



Thanks for tagging me in!


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