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MacBook Pro A1211 power light not lighting up.

Hi guys,

I have a Macbook Pro(Apple A1211) and when i plug the charger into it the green light doesn't turn on. I have tried to disconnect and plug the CMOS battery back in, have tried to take the left I/O board out and put it back in and I have also tried to plug the grey and black power cable back in but it still doesn't do anything. I don't know what is going on with it. Please help

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Update (04/10/23)

Hi guys i now have another problem.

The laptop turns on, but there is not boot chime or display and the fans are running but the screen is completely black. I have tried to disconnect the display and plug it back in but it did not do anything. This is a new display and it did say on the description that it was working but it does not show anything on the display and i don't know why. I have also tried resetting the NVRAM or PRAM but it still doesnt do anything. Please help

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Does It have a battery?


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Could you disconnect the display and plug in an external monitor to see if you get video output?

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I have tried to connect to my monitor with a DVI to HDMI cable and it still says no signal and i don't know what to do :(


@maxplayz - Not good 😖

This sounds like a deeper issue in the main logic board. Likely a blown GPU which was common in this series.


I just bought a new logic board though!


@maxplayz - This series logic boards had there fair share of issues! The board you bought likely used with little or no testing.

This system will require a lot of TLC to make workable with the supported OS9 or early OS-X it could run. As a working collectible it has more value.

Trying to make it more than it was is both a waste of time and money.

The world has moved on and any data on this system is likely a bit to exposed on the internet.

Think it this way seeing an old Ford Model T in a parade makes sense, seeing someone driving on the Autobahn as their mode of transit is foolhardy!


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The MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) Left I/O Board may need replacing.

What is your aim here? The OS’s this system uses as well as Applications are quite limited.

MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) Left I/O Board Изображение


MacBook Pro 15" (Model A1211) Left I/O Board


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I am trying to install an unsupported version of MacOS on it but it keeps coming up with errors when I do it


@maxplayz - I would focus on the power issue before messing with running a newer OS.


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