No sound on Vizio E421VO TV is connected to cable box and Xbox.

TV is not muted. TV has no sound on any channel when trying to use cable box, and same thing when trying to game or stream from Xbox. Only way to get sound is plug headphones into Xbox controller and mute tv volume then I can hear through headphones only when gaming or streaming. Sound worked fine as of last use earlier today.

Update (04/07/23)

Ok I fixed the issue by unplugging TV and holding the power button for 30 secs then waited 30 secs before plugging tv back in. Voila.....sound is back working!

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@ashleyseay before anything else, check your settings. See if the speakers got somehow turned off in the settings. Should be something like pressing Menu ==>Audio or Audio Settings==>OK== see if the speakers are on.


@oldturkeh03 speakers are on and also reset audio mode. Still no sound.


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