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Why does my laptop not turn on and only the led blinks

It does not make any kind of beep, you only hear the noise of the disc and the fan

Update (04/09/23)

II fixed it but now I get this error message

Block Image

help plis

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@rodrigorod45489 just out of curiosity, How did you "fix it" so that you got to the point of the second video?


I don't know, I disassembled the entire laptop and reassembled it


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Sadly the discrete GeForce 8600M GPU has failed. You’ll need to replace the logic board, consider the cost and your needs MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Motherboards

It maybe time to get a newer system (used or even new) most of the software you are using here won’t run on the newer systems macOS’s (need 64bit apps Vs what you have which are 32bit)

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and if instead of replacing I do a reflow


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