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The DSC-P9 is a 4 megapixel camera, manufactured by Sony in 2002.

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When downloadin/viewing my videos to my computer the resolution is bad

Hello, I have recorded a few videos on my camera and they look fine when viewed on the camera. But when i pair it to my computer using a usb adaptor the video quality is horrible. Its super grainy and its like 140fps if thats even a thing.

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Hi @kaleen,

What is the make and model number of the computer, that you're trying to view the videos on?

Have you tried downloading the movie file via a USB cable (connect between camera micro USB port and computer USB port and then selecting the movie from the file stored on your computer?

When you said "USB adapter" I'm wondering if you're trying to watch it via the camera's A/V port and that the adapter may be the problem.

Have you checked that the computer's graphics adapter (video) drivers are up to date?

What program are you trying to watch the videos in on your computer?


I could see, with most cameras, their video resolution is different due to the fact that the screen sizes between a computer, and a camera. But with this camera, the video should look the same as displayed on the camera. Have you tried different cables? Or a different USB Adapter?


@jayeff Hello, thank you for replying. But yes i connected the camera to conputer using a usb adatoor to the middle port by the charging hole. I domt think the adaptor is the problem. And im watching it by just opening it regularly from the files.


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@kaleen do not use an adapter to play from your camera to the screen. Download the images to the computer and then play those. See if that changes the quality. It sounds like your USB adapter is using the resolution from the camera and just enlarges it to the screen size, hence the grainy quality

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i using a usb cable to connect the camera to the computer and thats how im opening up the files on my computer. the photos looks great but the videos are horrible. i dont think its the adaptor problem but maybe because i am enalarging the video?


also i checked the properties the resolution is 160x112 and frame rate is 25


@kaleen exactly! It's the enlargement that causes this. you are stretching the 160X112 to whatever your display is set at.


is there any way to combat this problem?


@kaleen what are the settings on your camera when you take the video? If it has been taken at that particular resolution, then there really isn't.


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