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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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Dent in keyboard metal frame

There is a smallish dent in the keyboard frame on my MacBook, which prevents the right shift key (location of dent) from actuating properly. The genius bar says it's a full top case replacement for CAD$832, but I think just tapping out the dent would likely re-align the key stabilizers and make it work again. It currently sort of "sticks" all the way down, even once I re-straightened the bracket for holding the support bars.

Is it possible to disassemble the laptop enough to use a small hammer or something to hammer out the dent?

Update (04/14/23


Block Image


Block Image

The bend in the "grid" isn't interfering with the key, I believe the dent also affects the board underneath the key, which would cause a misalignment of the two scissor mechanisms, which would hinder their ability to work properly.


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Could you attach some photos?


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I encountered a similar issue with a clients system (older unibody) I created a tool to fix the issue, very simple I took a two nails welding them together so the first ones head slides within the keys hollow and the rest of the nail is pointing in the direction the case needs to move. Now the second nail is welded to this nail so the head can be tapped with a small hammer to ease the metal back, just forward of the caught nail. The keycap and scissor unit needs to be taken out to make room.

I’ll need to dig for it or create a drawing so you can see it.

In any case taking the system apart to the level needed here is just too far!

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I think the case is bent down, which is misaligning the scissors, not the "grid" interfering with the key. Do you think your tool will work to fix this?


@quickoil - post some pics that clearly show the problem.


@quickoil - Here we need more of a dent puller. So same idea, but here we need a weighted slide so the kinetic force is upwards when it hits the stop. Similar to this puller kit clearly not at this size.


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