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camera not turning on when charged, battery is stuck inside

basically, this sat on a charger for two days, and i had checked it every once and a while

i don't think this was used after about 2016-2015ish?

i tried to remove the batt, but its like stuck inside of the camera (im assuming by corrosion, as it sat in a basement for 8 years or so)


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@timtomissus "his sat on a charger for two days" most likely a dead battery. Take a pair of hemostats or similar and try to pull it out, or you could pour some high-grade isopropyl alcohol into the battery holder and see if that releases it. At this point, most of the damage will already have been done. Use something like this teardown Kodak EasyShare DX7590 Teardown - iFixit to disassemble it and see what is going on.

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@oldturkey03 also i should mention that its charging dock doesn't work either, the light doesn't light up, but i think some deoxIT should fix that, as its really dusty lol


@timtomissus maybe it's not working since it is not recognizing a battery? Cleaning will definitely be a good start :-)


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