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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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Display has vertical lines that move when opening/closing. Repairable?

Macbook Pro 14", 2021. I suspect someone stepped on my computer. The display has a vertical bar just left of center that is mostly black, with some very thin purple and cyan stripes. There are no cracks or visible damage.

The strange thing is that if I pull the display toward me (closing the lid), most of the stripes and the black bar go away, though they come back when I let go. And vice versa: they get worse when pushing away (opening).

I know it sounds open-and-shut that the display is just broken (haha), but the fact that it gets significantly better with pressure makes it seem like the underlying components are ok, and something is just loose. I took apart the computer and checked that the display cables are all connected properly. Diagnostics reported no system problems.

Is there any way to repair this without approaching $1000 on a new display? I'm comfortable with most DIY short of micro-soldering. Alternatively, anyone have a functional display from a busted computer?

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The panel has been cracked! You will need a new display assembly.

Sadly, there is no means to repair this other than replacing the display assembly.

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Ah, ok. So it's an internal crack of the LCD panel, even though the exterior glass is fine. I was afraid it would be something like that.

Ok, one more: are there any issues with replacing a display from a third party? I'm seeing somewhat conflicting reports about anything other than going through the official Apple process causing display artifacts, but some say it's fine and others say not. Do you know if that is an option?


@robmco - Sadly, Apple has pushed Greenwashing to the extreme!

If you use a recovered display in the M2 (Liquid Retina XDR display) you will encountered screen artifacts as the newer zoned backlight often losses it’s alignment with the LCD panel, similar to how Moiré Pattern registration creates the pattern. So this series requires the Apple supplied part as you need the online calibration tool which is behind a paywall.

Now your system which is an M1 (Liquid Retina display) can use a recovered display! It can’t use a virgin display from a 3rd party as the TrueTone firmware has not been installed (via Apples calibration tool). Getting the Apple supplied part gets you a new display and access to the calibration tool.

As far as your display yes, the damaged pane is the backside of the two glass panes. It’s the more brittle due to the chemical process used to create it.


Disappointing, but very Apple. So do used M1 displays already have the calibration tool loaded? Maybe it's not so important; used/broken M1 laptops are not going for much less than an official new display, and having taken one of these apart now, it looks like any water damage on a used computer for sale could easily affect the display connections too. So no guarantee a used broken computer wouldn't also have a broken display. Sigh, looks like I buy the official replacement.


@robmco - A used display has the firmware already installed, no need for the calibration tool. There are parts clearinghouses that offer parts. Sorry Apple is making life harder for all of us. Please accept the answer- Thanks!


Thanks, all very helpful info.

My parts sourcing decision in case anyone else finds this: Maybe the situation will change as more M1s break and get stripped for parts, but currently there's not much available. iFixit has used displays listed for $600, but they're out of stock. The best I can find on eBay atm is a slightly scratched display assembly for about $500, but otherwise it's slim pickings. The official part from Apple is a bit more, but after a credit for selling back your broken display, it's about $580. I could probably get a bit cheaper if I keep searching the aftermarket, but I think the certainty and guarantee of buying from Apple makes up for any minor price difference.


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