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Is it safe to use a bloated iPod battery that has shrunk

i have 2 iPod Nanos, both had battery bloating, i charged both for around 4 hours and the marks on the screen just... went away, is it safe to use these?

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Hi Keegan,

Nope, not safe. The bloating indicates that the chemical reaction that is supposed to generate electricity is no longer working correctly and is producing gas as a result. If the bloating went down it's just because the outer protective coating on the battery has failed and is no longer sealed therefore the gasses now have an escape route.

As the battery continues to deteriorate and the internal resistance goes up it will generate more heat until it finally gets to the point where it can actually ignite and burn. That's what happened to the notorious Galaxy Note 7 due to bad design decisions and could theoretically happen to your iPod.

So treat a swollen battery as hazardous material and replace it immediately, then dispose of it safely.

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Thanks man, i'll be sure to replace the batteries ASAP!


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