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What is this Mystery rubber part

Replacing a 4s screen and this fell out… not sure where it goes?

Block Image

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It's a guard for the screen cables that sits on the edge of the logic Board.

Block Image

Ignore the highlighted screw.

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Thank you! One more question - the groove on the rubber is asymmetrical, should the thicker side be up, or the thinner side be up?


Seeing as one side is thicker I think it should fit one way.


Thanks @strongbow for clearing this up while I was away.


@strongbow Hmmm, the rubber seems to be able to go on both ways, just one side has a slightly higher rise than the other, so I think the "higher" rise of the rubber should go face up, offering more protection against the sharp bend in the display ribbon cable.

Otherwise, maybe it makes sense to have it going the other way to give more clearance to the cable.

Still not sure. Any ideas, @beanman56?


@glassblue - I had the thicker side down when I replaced my screen a few months ago.


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