The screen showed, "No Memory"

Hi, I recently purchased a Nikon 6800 coolpix camera from Ebay. After a few weeks I though I would try it out. (Note I had an old Nikon-6800 with all of the attachments, but the screen had got a spot on it, etc), that is shy I bought a replacement camera.

New Nikon Camera: I decided to see if it would take a picture. ~~~~ it took 2 pictures, and then the camera screen said "No Memory") So I opened the memory slot and there was no memory card, (Thank you Mr. Seller) These 2 pictures looked fine. Note however, when I hooked the camera up to my MS computer to down load those 2 pictures, the computer did not see the camera.

Luckily I had 32g old memory stick (memory stick was NOT locked) that I must have used on my old camera; so I put that into the new camera.

My computer now saw the New Nikon 6800 Camera.

So I decided to go take some more pictures of the flowers, and when I tried to do itm the screen showed, "No Memory". Note this is with the memory card in the camera.

Now that old memory stick had 11 old pictures on it and I was able to down load those old pictures from the new camera with memory onto my computer, but not the 2 new pictures I just took of the flowers. Note also, these 2 New pictures did not show as being on the memory stick, even though they did come up on the camera screen Nikon 6800 new camera when one looked for old pictures on the camera.

Baffled on what to do???? Please help

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@mjbbjm Have you tried formatting the card and resetting all settings from the camera's menu?


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