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How to bypass FRP lock Samsung A03


I recently purchased sever Galaxy A03's (not the s variant), most of them with cracked or otherwise defect displays which I have replaced.

However, I am unable to bypass the FRP lock. I have tried tutorials that I found on YouTube, as well as attempting to use DroidKit to no avail as entering *#0*# doesn't do anything.

Is there any way that I can fix this, or have I just wasted my time and money fixing these devices?

thanks in advance!

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How to reset frp bypass samsung A03


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i have used this company before for imei repair, https://www.imeigurus.com/collections/fr...

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£18 for something you can do yourself for free with a Google. They’re onto an easy thing.


@strongbow where u from nigel, n.i or mainland uk


@tech_ni uk, I take it from your user name you're northern Ireland?


@strongbow yes


@strongbow how so?


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There are few methods available which can help you to Remove frp Samsung a03 frp bypass android 11 Method 2023

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