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Ear phones keep popping out phone jack

My earphones will only work if I hold them into the phone jack. I've tested te headphones and checked the connector which is fine. Seems to be as if something is pushing the jack out but I've checked and the socket is clear. My watrenty ran out in December so they won't help me. If I hold the jack in for a few minutes sometimes it will stop in on it's own but there is clearly a problem. Do you have any ideas please. Thanks :(

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Does the Apple supplied ear buds work?

If so compare the plug between your earphones and Apples. What you want to check is the location of the end pin its' shape as well as the length of the plug.

Some plugs are too short or have the detent dip (where is gets narrower) at the end of the plug at the wrong location or shape.

Otherwise its time to get your iPhone repaired

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I had similar problem with power port. Went to Genius Bar and they solved it in two minutes (for free). How? With a very small pin (like the one to eject the SIM. It was caused by "pocket fluff". He scooped out a small amount of lint and now works fine. I then cleaned out the earphone jack myself and the plugs seat better.

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This was driving me nuts. I thought the battery was expanding and pushing the earphone jack out. Then after reading your post I took a very fine watch screwdriver and picked out the 'pocket fluff' . Sure enough, that was it! THANK YOU!


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i got nothing out not working

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