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The Samsung Galaxy A10s is an Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics, and was released in March of 2019.

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Why it takes long to charge my phone

I have been charging for 10 hours now still not full. Why?

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Slow change 5 hours full change


Mobile is too slowly charge


Wy the background not work and the screen is so slow


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If your phone is taking a significantly long time to charge, there could be several reasons for this:

  1. Charging Cable and Adapter: Ensure you are using a high-quality charging cable and a compatible charging adapter. Faulty or low-quality cables and adapters can result in slower charging speeds.
  2. Battery Health: Over time, smartphone batteries can degrade, leading to longer charging times. If your phone's battery health is low, it may take longer to charge fully.
  3. Background Apps and Usage: If you are actively using your phone or running power-intensive apps while charging, it can slow down the charging process. Closing unnecessary apps and reducing usage can help speed up charging.
  4. Charging Port and Connection: Check the charging port on your phone for any debris or damage. A dirty or damaged port can affect charging efficiency. Ensure a secure and proper connection between the cable and the port.
  5. Charging Method: Using a slow charging method, such as a computer USB port or a low-power adapter, will result in slower charging speeds compared to using a fast charger.

If the issue persists despite trying the above steps, it is recommended to contact your device manufacturer or visit a service center to diagnose any potential hardware-related problems with your phone's battery or charging circuitry.

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