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The Galaxy Note10 Lite was released in January 2020. It is a mid-range variant of the Note 10.

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Why is Screen only touches with an s pen?

Why is Screen only touches with an s pen?/

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do you have the setting for touch set to stylus?


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It's been a long time since I owned a Galaxy Note phone, but when I did I found that the phone actually has two digitizers, one for your finger and one for the S-Pen. Either one can fail; in your case it sounds like the touch screen for your finger has failed, leaving you with only the S-Pen function.

The only cure for a failed digitizer is to replace the entire screen; the days when the digitizer could be replaced separately from the LCD are long gone. Naturally you will want to exhaust all of the software possibilities first, such as restarting the phone, resetting it, doing a hard reset and finally doing a complete firmware restore. If none of that helps then you're most likely looking at a hardware failure and will need to replace the screen.

The only guide I was able to locate for a screen replacement on your phone is on YouTube, but it looks quite usable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Screen Replacement - YouTube

You can find replacement screens on many websites; I usually start with the popular ones, including eBay, Amazon and AliExpress, depending on where you're located and how soon you need the part.

Good luck; let us know what you find!

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