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Outdoor camera full of rain water

My blink outdoor filled up with rain. How can I open it up to dry it out and clean the inside of the lens?

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If this was placed without shielding from rain falling directly on it, it's probably not water proof. Even weather proof devices can collect water and debris. Some devices with replaceable batteries may allow disassembly with screws hidden under labeling. Probing with a small tipped screwdriver pressed onto labeling may reveal a hidden screw hole(s). Others are heat sealed and not meant for repairs.


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I solved this problem with a camera pointed mostly down. While I was not able to open it to clean the moisture out, I did take the back cover off and place it in front of a fan. Which dried it out after 5 hours. As far as keeping it from happening again I just covered the back with Duct tape. Problem solved

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Worked perfectly…I thought I would have to pay for a new one.Thank you so much.


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