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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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Display keeps going to sleep randomly

Hello, I am facing an issue with my Macbook display.

The display goes to sleep randomly and I can see a slight coloration of the screen. It looks like a high contrast of black and dark grey.

However, everything else works fine. If I was playing a video at that time, I can still hear the audio. They keyboard and the trackpad work as well. I can also connect it to an external display and continue using it in clamshell mode.

You can check out the video: https://youtube.com/shorts/mD2vm10boiY?f...

There are few ways to bring back the screen display (before it goes off again):

  1. Closing and opening the lid
  2. Locking the screen and pressing the ESC key
  3. Restarting the computer using the power button

None of these work 100% of the times, and even when they do, the screen goes off again in few seconds/minutes. Typically, I can use the laptop uninterrupted for 30 mins (after an extended period of non-usage of few hours ) before this starts happening.

Sadly, i dont have warranty on this. I also got the lid display sensor replaced but it didnt fix the problem.

Any suggestions on what to do?

P.S: I read on a post from 2018 (on an older model) that corrosion in the trackpad can sometimes lead to this behaviour.

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What happens when you slowly lift the lid? Does it always stop working at the same point?

What happens if you fully shut down the system using the power button, then fully raise the lid then turn on the power?

I’m suspecting you either have a bad lid sensor (not programmed for your system) or the connection is not stable, maybe a cold solder joint at the connector or some where in the logic within the logic board.

This is not a trackpad issue or flexgate.

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It is a bit random. I get about 30 mins of uninterrupted usage before this starts happening. Makes me think that there is some issue with overheating?

When I lift the lid slowly, it typically happens at the same point. When I shut down the system, and then restart it, it tends to work find for a bit before going off again

I already got the lid sensor replaced but that hasn't fixed the problem.


@aniketc86 - Who replaced the sensor? While using a used sensor is a thrifty move, Apple has been playing games forcing the need of a paywalled application to properly program some parts. And of course! The Hall sensor is this series is that case! Stand up and yell thank you Apple making repair harder then it needs to be!

If the person is an Apple authorized servicer then they should have calibrated the sensor. In any case the fact the problem is still present I would get my money back or get it repaired again near the shops repair warranty. But without access to the tool to properly program it yo need to you guessed it! Visit an Apple Store.


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