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The first-generation Kia Rio (referred to as the "DC") was offered in both four-door sedan and five-door station wagon body styles.

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Knocking sound during exceleration

Why is my Kia rio make a knocking sound during exceleration

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Knocking is classically caused by the gas igniting early in the cylinders. It can be caused by a number of things that area complex to diagnose, but if you search for “how to check timing on [your Kia year and model]” you might find some tips. There are also sensors on engines that help the car’s computer figure out when to fire the spark plugs at the exact right time. One of those sensors might be bad. Alternatively, you can try a high octane gas for a tank…higher octane gas has chemicals in it that slow the ignition of the gas reducing knock in higher performance engines that run at high compression. If it helps your knocking, then you almost certainly have a ‘pre ignition’ problem. Depending on how bad the knocking is, it could cause further damage to the engine, so you’ll want to continue to troubleshoot the problem until it is resolved, otherwise you might be looking for a new car (or engine?).

Unfortunately, modern engines are pretty complicated and I would need a lot more information to help you further. Best of luck trying to fix it.

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