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Initially, the Frontier was considered a compact, but beginning with the totally redesigned model year 2005 Frontier (introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show), it became more mid-sized.

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No flow from driver side windshield washer nozzle

The flow from the driver side windshield washer spray nozzle had a weak stream for quite a while; now, there’s no flow coming out of it at all. If anyone can help me with tips or tricks to get it to work, without having to take a lot of stuff apart, or paying to have a lot of stuff taken apart, I would really appreciate it.

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@robinray39168 since it "had a weak stream" before, it does sound like a clogged/failed spray nozzle. Good write-up on here and in principle the same as this video Parts are relatively inexpensive at places like this and many more.

and sometimes just using a sewing needle and trying to "gently" insert it to the front to clean that nozzle works as well :-)

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