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Kia introduced the second generation (JB) in the early 2005 model year in Europe and for model year 2006 in North America, based on a redesigned platform shared with the Hyundai Accent.

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Power stearing fluid change

How do i fix my kia when stearing wheel makes much nois when turning. Should i drain the old fluid

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@josephchidiadia I am honest with you, I have owned a multitude of vehicles in various state of repair ;-) and never had to change steering fluid. If it makes a noise when you turn your steering wheel, it is most commonly the steering pump (yes, replaced a few of those). The number one reason for that is not having enough power steering fluid in the small reservoir. Always check that first.

If that checks out, then there is the possibility of having an internal leak. That causes the noise by increasing the pressures on the pump. That would warrant a pump replacement. Make sure that the whine comes from the pump and not from the steering rack.

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I have refilled the reservoir with but there was som old fluid in there. Is is going to help if i pump the old fluid out an replaced it new fluid.


@josephchidiadia Probably not but you can always try. At least that way it is going to give you peace of mind :-)


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