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This printer is a more expensive upgrade from the Ender 3, with bigger knobs, a new toolbox, and a "brand new user interface" among other things.

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after the gcode file is taken by the sim card the printer not printing

the file was in sim card and the 3d printer was shown the file but when i click on it it is no doing it imdly so i have to wait for a while or it should imdly work on it.

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The printer waits till all the heated parts are up to the programmed temperature before the print starts.

Hope this helps.

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make sure you have installed the proper firmware on the motherboard via the SD card.

Don't be a muppet, get the download straight from creality.

If that doesn't work, then if you are using a 4.2.7 motherboard, make sure your UI is the new touchscreen one.

If its a 4.2.2 then you should be fine

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