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Repair and disassembly information for the Nokia G22 Android smartphone, first released in March 2023, built by HMD Global. Identified by model numbers TA-1516 or TA-1528.

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Weak WiFi Signal on Nokia G22

The WiFi signal on the Nokia G22 is very weak compared to other devices using the same hotspot. Have tested multiple WiFi networks and devices with the same result.

WiFi analyser app shows the Nokia with -65dBm signal, while a Motorola shows -54dBm.

Nokia support are useless and just keep telling me to reset and clear caches (done multiple times). Seems it is a design fault. Next step is sent it back for repair as they won't refund.

Any one else has this issue?

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Yes, I have this problem as well. My previous Nokia device managed to receive wireless in the weaker parts of our house, but not anymore. I've not checked the signal strength, but I'm almost continuously using 4G in certains parts of the house whereas with the previous phone this was not the case.


yes, I seem to be having wifi problems with android auto. I had to switch to 2.4 ghz, that may have improved the situation, but its not an optimal solution. I still possibly have problems with the wifi signal even on 2.4, I will have to verify


It keeps disconnecting, it's absurd, I can't surf the internet or even chat smoothly because I have to go to the settings. The same problem exists also for the cellular signal which is very weak and I have to go and send messages near the window if I'm indoors. It's ridiculous, an incredible and unexpected disappointment from Nokia.


my device cannot acces wifi


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I had the exact same issue. Some days were better than others, but usually the wifi was unusable.

Android auto worked sometimes, but it was almost unusable.

What worked for me:

  1. Removed the back-cover.
  2. Gave all(6 in total) back-cover connectors a slight bend upwards very carefully to give better contact towards the back cover
  3. Using isopropanol: cleaned the connectors on the phone and the metal surfaces on the back cover
  4. Reassembled

Directly after startup I got strong WiFi signal, I'm so happy I even tried!

I hope this helps someone out there!

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I have the same problem.

But G22 is not NOKIA anymore. It is only google's user data collection tool. Google demaged reliability and great NOKIA the highest quality tradition.

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Well this following article might be helpful for you it cover some good method to fix the problem of wifi disconnecting or week for your android phone : https://wethegeek.com/how-to-fix-wi-fi-k...

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