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Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Doubting if the MBP screws are Phillips, JIS or Frearson


I'm going to open my MBP because part of the screen does not look, sometimes is black, other times it flashes. Sometimes even display properly.

I think is the LVDS cable.

But I have to be sure what kind of screws are.

The guide says I need Phillips #00 screwdriver, but they didn't seem it. Big image MBP Screw (Steep 9, LCD Replacement)

I think is JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) or Reed and Prince (also called Frearson)

Phillips no always is phillips

Phillips Screw head

Phillips vs Frearson

Phillips vs JIS

iFixit sells JIS Driver set

It said:

"JIS screws are not designed to "cam-out" or strip the head when overtightened like a Phillips screw, and can be damaged if a Phillips driver is used. JIS drivers can be used in both JIS and Phillips screws with no damage"

What do you think?

JIS Driver Set Изображение


JIS Driver Set


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I don't really care what type of screw head is on the MacPro. I need to remove the screws to replace screen and I just want to know where to go to get a driver that works. I bought the set of drivers recommended for screen removal /replacement and none in the set are small enough. I just want someone to tell me what will work and where can I get one, i.e., Rat Shack, etc.. Any ideas?


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This is very nice information and I may order a set of the JIS drivers but have never needed them when working on a Mac. What exactly is your question?

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I want to know what kind of screws has the MacBook Pro.

I have to buy screwdrivers to open my MacBook Pro, so I want to buy the correct screwdrivers.

If screw isn't phillips, and I use a phillips screwdriver will most probably I will open the MBP, but it may damage the screw head.

Have you had any problems opening Mac?

Did damaged the screws head?


P.S: Other photo:


I've opened a lot of Mac Books. The main problem on some has been with the Pentalobe screws and not having a 000.


Ok, may be you are right and you didn't have problems, but i am still thinking that screws are not phillips.


What do you think?


I agree with Mayer -- the problem most often is is just not having a small enough screwdriver. Whether or not they are technically phillips, I've never had a problem removing those screws with a phillips screwdriver. If these screws required a different type of screwdriver, we would have all discovered that years ago. Interesting information though, and I would be curious to try the JIS drivers.


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