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Repair or troubleshoot issues with your A&H mixer.

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FX Loop Creating Excessive Noise

The mixer works great, except for if I have any of the FX on. It appears the FX board is creating static or other crackling, even when the volumes of all FX are turned off. I've yet to open the case and test the effects board.

Any advice regarding troubleshooting? I'm not sure if there's a replacement board for this unit, but that may be where I end up.

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I'm not sure I have any more troubleshooting specifics than you will 🖖🏻. And my audio equipment experience is limited. But here's my two cents from what I know about circuit boards and audio.

Something is probably generating interference or putting electrical noise into the system. It could literally just be that everything needs a good cleaning, something has some grit stuck in it, or some cable is touching something it shouldn't. See if you can find something that triggers a specific behavior, or makes it worse.

Give all the internal bits a good once over. I trust my eyes before anything else when it comes to finding problems. Add some pictures if you want extra sets of eyes. And keep us posted because now I'm invested.

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