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The original Xbox is Microsoft's first widely popular video gaming system. It has an easily identifiable black case with 'XBOX' emblazoned on the top and front. Repair is easy with common tools.

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Xbox (1.0) Burnt out Resistor on PSU Board.

Hello, I'm new to electronic so apologies if this is a foolish question. I have a burnt out Resistor on my power supply as seen here.

Block Image

Block Image

Looking at another Xbox I believe the bands on the resistor are Yellow, Brown, Orange. Indicating a 41 kΩ. The problem is I don't know the wattage or the tolerance. Does any one know what I would need to buy to replace this burnt out resistor to prevent it from burning out again? Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

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@samdonald I suggest that first you remove the complete power supply board. Then remove the resistor. Measure it to verify that it is a 41kΩ when it is out of circuit. Clean the board of any burned residue with some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. Inspect the other components closely (focus on the diodes in that area) and check the bottom side. There are components as well that may get damaged. For the Through-the -hole resistors the size of an axial resistor is relative to its power rating. Measure the physical length of the resistor body. Then check this chart

Block Image

from here for the wattage.

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Okay, i'll have to measure it tomorrow if I can find it. It's my understanding (after looking over some google forums) that I can buy a larger resistor with a higher Watt and that will be okay.

Is this something I should look at? Would A higher Watt provide more protection from the load that doomed the last one?

And on another note I'm just color blind. The bands go Yellow, Brown, Orange then Gold meaning there is a tolerance of + and - 5%

edit* Just so people know the specs if some one else comes looking

Resistor Place on board: R13

Resistor Bands: Yellow, Brown, Orange, Gold (41k +-5%)

Dimensions: About 7 MM (1/4 Watts)

Thanks for the help. I'll make sure to have ham this thanksgiving.


@samdonald that is correct. With the color bands you describe, the resistor is a 41 k Ohms 5%

Sure you can go higher on the wattage but no it does not provide more protection. It just means that the resistor can use more power. There is a reason why it "blew up". It could be a resistor failure, or a short to ground in the circuitry. That will be difficult to repair since I haven't seen any schematics for the PSU


I think there is some schematics floating on the orginalXbox reddit, but it's set to private. I've been trying to get in there over the last week, but I think me being brand new to reddit is seen as a red flag.

In any case I'll spend a couple bucks on a resistor if that doesn't work I can always just buy a PSU online, or better yet another broken xbox to add to my tower of doom! Thanks again for the help.


@samdonald yeah, looks like it's set to private and you'll have to get permission. PSU's for it are inexpernsive and will definitely be an option.


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