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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H is a gaming laptop that is a part of the Lenovo Legion series, specifically a part of the pro series line. This is a generation 6 laptop (2021) with model number 82JQ00QYUS.

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USB A ports next to the charging port don't work

Hello, usb ports on my Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (RTX 3070, R7 5800H) have stopped working while I was playing CSGO. I have tried everything in the system to fix it. When a device is plugged in to the bad ports it doesn't work at all, the only sign of life is, that the sensor on my mouse lights up, but the rgb won't. I don't know what to do anymore, could anyone help please? The laptop is still under warranty, do you think they will fix or replace it?

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Hi @adam2077

Not sure what you've checked when you say "I have tried everything in the system to fix it...." but did you check the USB Root Hub Power management settings in Device Manager to see if the option to control power to the USB ports has been disabled?

Your mouse lens light working indicates power is available but the RGB lights (assuming they're powered the same way) not working indicates perhaps insufficient power is being supplied.

If you plug a mobile phone into a USB port, does it show that it is charging?

If you have checked the power management setting and assuming that the ports themselves aren't physically damaged or loose (check with a strong light and a magnifying glass to ensure that the pins are all there and not bent or missing) which would be deemed as user error (so no warranty on that unless you have some extra warranty cover) and the warranty is still valid, it will be fixed under warranty.

It's up to the repairer to decide what they do i.e. replace or repair. Might depend on what's wrong and the cost.

Make a backup of your data just in case ;-)

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Update: I sent the laptop to Lenovo and they have replaced the whole motherboard.


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