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Initially, the Frontier was considered a compact, but beginning with the totally redesigned model year 2005 Frontier (introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show), it became more mid-sized.

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Intermittent trouble with passenger window control switch-pls help!

My passenger window now works intermittently from both control switches, would this guide help in this situation? It's almost like the window is temperature sensitive and prefers to operate on a warm sunny day. Nissan Frontier 2004-2015 Faulty Power Window Switch Fix

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@islandboy34480 definitely a good guide to start with. Besides the switch, you do want to check the door harness and definitely your motor, since it seems to like the heat :-)

Of course, all the controls lead back to the Body Control Module, so there is a lot to be checked. I attached the part that deals with the power window control from the SM right here Power Window Control System Use that to test the components and let us know what you find out.

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