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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Released October 2016, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar). The function key version packs an Intel Core i5 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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MacBook wont turn on anymore after SSD upgrade

Hello to everyone!

Please I need help with this following strange case.
1- We updated SSD in some of our macbooks with a non brand Chinese SSD.
2- We did it in more than 7 Macbooks without issues.
3- Suddenly, 1 of the SSD's (we called killer SSD), is just being placed on laptop, we try to enter in recovery mode to reinstall MacOS by turning it on, but they wont react. We tried in second laptop, with exact same results..

After this, not even possible to instal anything, the laptops wont turn on anymore... so we are quite confused on what is going on, or what we can do with this laptops now.

What we tried with no success?
- PRAM and correct SMC (SMC for this model)
- Disconnecting battery and trying to turn on
- Reinstating the original drive
- Leaving battery to charge for 1 night

Please, are you able to give me some other possible troubleshooting steps I might be missing? I never saw a Macbook Pro not reacting after PRAM and SMC reset to this kind of power issue... I hope the SSD did not kill both macbooks!
I can not find the logic in how a SSD can kill a laptop, but never say never because Apple in some cases is special, and more with non original hardware.

Thanks in advance. Kind Regards!

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Did u guys find the issue


Many of the 3rd party adapters with an M.2 SSD have had issues, either the adapter or the inserted SSD.

I personally would stick with a real Apple SSD or a direct pin compatible unit like what OWC offered. Apple not sticking within standards makes upgrades extra hard and costly.


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What happens when you put the original working SSD back in? If that fails to work this SSD could be bad or there is some code on it which is messing you up.

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Thanks for your answer!

Unfortunately not doing nothing with original ones anymore.

The SSD's they were new. I am trying to get warranty from supplier but he is based in the SSD and not wanting to cover the laptop, so I wonder how to reborn them if possible.

I can not see how SSD can kill a macbook pro, but maybe something I am missing.


@dany71780 - What is the SSD? Type, brand and model. It this via an adapter?


@danj Thanks Dan, is not an adapter, is a Chinese one compatible without brand. Our supplier will refund the money but he is not having much info to know why or what to do. Is:

"1TB NGFF M.2 NVME SSD voor Apple MacBook Pro 2016 & 2017"

But as reported, we did install other 10 in total, and this SSD we tried in 2 laptops (In case was the laptop) but they now not turning on anymore, which I find VERY strange to be honest.

Bu I am doing several times SMC and not doing nothing the laptop. Not sure if there is other options to see what is happening, but the laptops not reacting at all.


@dany71780 - I would inspect the socket connector. Some of these units don’t have a good edge so the pins in the socket get damaged.


Thanks @danj!

But can that damage make the laptop not turning on anymore?

I can imagine the SSD is not detected anymore if this is damaged, but the laptops are not reacting to anything, and not turning on even the LCD



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