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Is there anything "else" I can do to power up my laptop?

I've tried all choices on your site. None worked, so I have no symptoms except that it would turn on for a while, it would get hot, then turn off. I've ignored it for a bit, leaving it unplugged and working on my other Mac. Now it won't power up at all.

I double checked the power cord, I plugged it in for a few hours and nothing.

I tried pulling the battery out, nothing.

Any other suggestions? Or, can you tell me where to start?

You people are awesome!

Thank you,

Art Franco

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Hello Art,

When you power it on there is no startup chime, correct? There's no backlight on the display, correct? The sleep indicator on front comes on by not full brightness, correct? It powers down again if you press and hold the power button for several seconds, correct? When on if you press the uppermost left and uppermost right keys on the keyboard together the sleep light dims, correct? If I'm right so far, remove the battery, unplug the AC adapter from the laptop. Press and hold the power button down with your right hand while you reconnect the AC adapter plug. It should come on with the fans running at the highest speed and the sleep light is now off. Press the power button down and hold it until it shuts down. If it does what I have written then the motherboard needs to be repaired. I repair these. If interested email me. Don't let a good Mac go bad and stay that way. It's an awesome feeling to bring them back to life. I like to quote Dr. Frankenstein by saying, "It's alive! It's alive!"

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Great answer,tommyelliott59. Just add your email address to your profile and refer to it in the answers. Great job...


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You need to give us more symptoms and descriptions- does the charge light go on? Does the charger work with other computers? Does the battery work in other computers?

Likely if it's not the ac adapter nor the battery, it's the battery connector or dc-in.

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