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Realized after the Tesla Model S, this is Tesla's signature SUV, with its Falcon-Wing Rear Doors.

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Why is my car rubbing when I turn

My car make a rubbing sound when I turn left and right

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It started to happen in my car and it is not something that you can adjust or calibrate. It happens when is bad positioned the motor mountings after a shaft replacement. Tesla Mechanics use to play with the position of the motor mounting when you feel vibration under hard aceleration. They have no idea or they pretend they dont know. I was lucky after a lot of complaints the workshop leader explained the mechanic how to fix it, and they made it better for a while, then started to repeat the un alineation of the front wheels when turning. It was perfect new, bad when I complained about the front axle vibrations (5 visits). Good luck!


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What do you mean rubbing sound? A semi flat tire (full but could use some air) may be the cause but I'm a computer expert, not a mechanic.

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If the tires are the correct size, It may be the fender liner. Called wheel arch liner by Tesla. Run over any curbs lately? It may just be popped off some of the fasteners. I will be replacing my Model S liner, it got wrapped up in the tire.

This is not unique to Tesla, there are some good Toyota and other online videos of replacing wheel arch fender liners.

If I get a chance, I'll video my replacement project this week of Oct 2023. I will also be cleaning and lubing my brake calipers, which is a must on all cars in salty New England.


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