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LCD Screen cracked need replacement to purchase

Hey iFixit forum, this is my first question so I'll try to make this as detailed as possible without haste. My LCD screen on the vizio TV is cracked and I need a replacement for the model Vizio e60-e3. I've tried looking on eBay and amazon but there are no replacements for the specific LCD screen itself only remotes or tv stands. Does anybody know where I can purchase a brand new LCD screen to replace the one that is cracked in the chassis? Please advise.

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@unclem LCD screens that size will be very hard to source. If you do find them, the cost for the panel and shipping will most likely cost more than a new TV.

To try and find a panel, you need to remove the back cover form the TV. There will be a label on the back of the LCD that tells you who made the LCD and what the exact model is. Use that information to to an online search. See what you can find.

The only other way, and this is difficult since Vizio uses a hodgepodge of parts, is to purchase a TV (exact same model) with a good screen but is otherwise broken, as a donor. Harvest the screen from that. The trick here is that is has to be the same panel version and all so that you know it is compatible with your boards etc.

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