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The Macintosh Powerbook 140 was an early Apple Laptop computer. It features a large power cable, battery, trackball instead of a trackpad, was one of the first Apple computers to use an internal floppy disk, and adjustable keyboard height. It was also the first laptop to feature a keyboard toward the back of the computer unit.

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Can I find a way to loosen up this 30 year old notebooks Hinges?

I have in the works a new 3D printed rear display housing as i was an idiot and threw away the broken old one, however i don't want this new part breaking due to tight hinges, and being an almost 30 year old notebook the grease in the hinges as all but dried up, I'm looking for some assistance or an experts opinion on the verdict.

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@ltdavis003 no expert, not brain surgeon, just an old dude who likes to mess with stuff. You could try and remove as much of the old gunk as you can. Then clean with some isopropyl alcohol and/or WD40. It's a decent creep oil and cleans out most of the gunk. Try to move the hinges a bit of a time while you clean it. Hopefully it will loosen the decade old gunk and free the mechanism as much as possible.

On my old iron, I prefer to lubricate hinges etc. with some silicon grease. You can find this even as a spray lubricant and it is tolerated well by the older plastic cases.

PowerBook 140 145 B 170

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