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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's S22 Ultra smartphone, released in February 2022.

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Post screen replacement mobile network issue

Replaced screen. Phone not connecting to network.

Device diagnostics say mobile network is fine.

Sim card diagnostics is fine.

Can call and text on wifi, but showing no bars. When I turn off wifi I get a circle with a line.

Please help.

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Ended up having some corrosion on the top right of the board from some water intrusion that occured during the fall. Toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol took care of the corrosion and issues I was having. Thanks everyone for reaching out trying to help. Issue was on the motherboard.

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check the antenna connector is connected

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Already checked that a couple of times :) 🙂


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Sometimes, depending on where you bought it from, new screen assemblies come with the antennas already in them. This is great in that it makes the entire repair easier, but if the supplier provided antennas that are calibrated for a different network, such as you are in Europe but got Antennas that are calibrated for an American CDMA network, then the antennas simply cannot "see" your local network.

Do you still have your original part? If you do, I recommend going back over it in careful detail and checking for any antenna that may be in the original frame (because you didn't need to transfer it over, there was a new one in the frame). If you do find one, dollars to donuts that if you install that antenna and remove the new antenna that came with your screen, it will work properly again.

UPDATE: July 13th, 2023

Also of note, while you're there, check your S-Pen is connecting and charging properly. There are a few different standards and I've had many times where I have to remove the new little adapter and transfer the old one to the new screen assembly.

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Thanks for the answer. I bought it from ifixit, so I assumed that would be correct.

Both 5g antenna's were removed and replaced correctly. The phone's diagnostic mode even confirmed they were correct.

I do have the original and have gone over it in great detail trying to find if I missed something.

Did check my s-pen. It works great. I have actually done the full diagnostic that the phone has cooked in. Works great and everything checks out.


@danielwhiting Hmm. Interesting. Does your old screen still work in any capacity? For example the glass is cracked or there's green lines on the screen but it works beyond that and has touch function?

If you can test using that one again to verify if it still works in the old screen but not in the new one, it would confirm that the new screen is faulty... somehow. If it does not work in either one, then the likely scenario is that somehow an antenna or other critical component got damaged during the accident that made you need to replace the screen in the first place, or perhaps during the repair process some minor damage happened.

Another possibility, though I do not know how but it may be worth looking into, is if your sim card somehow got shorted out during the transfer process? I recently had a sim card just... stop working and my phone gave a "this device is not activated on the network" message. And other than that message the symptoms seem to match yours, so perhaps check with your network provider.


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