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Следующей моделью в линейке после iPhone XS, выпущенной 20 сентября 2019 года, стал iPhone 11 Pro. Он получил 5,8-дюймовый OLED-дисплей, тройную основную камеру и увеличенное время автономной работы.

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My phone keeps restarting every 3 minutes

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I took it to a shop and he said that the cpu needs to be changed. Here is the panic logs for the phone

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@siamulomar looks like your log says, "Missing sensor(s): Prs0:" PRSO means the barometer on the charging port flex is damaged or its line. Start by replacing the charging port flex and re-evaluate. For more great information on all of this, check @flannelist's iPhone Kernel Panics Wiki page.

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The three minute restart cycle is the major clue here, because that just happens to be the exact time interval between when the phone scans its sensors. In your case it's finding that it can't get a response from the barometric pressure sensor on the lighting port flex cable. With a catastrophic failure of a sensor, the phone issues what's called a "kernel panic" and reboots the phone in an attempt to recover. Since the sensor has failed, it reboots only to recheck the sensor again in three minutes causing another boot. This repeats forever or until the flex assembly gets replaced. Use this guide to replace your port.

iPhone 11 Pro Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement


Just to clarify, you do NOT need to replace the CPU to fix this problem. There's almost certainly nothing wrong with your logic board.


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That's A very very possible Fault for it.

You may want to look to replace the logic Board, OR get a repair shop to solder a new cpu on.

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As @dadibrokeit says, Fit a new genuine charge port, not a aftermarket one. That should sort your issue. Replacing the logic board would be uneconomical due to the age of the phone. If you're unsure how to or don't want to do it then have a shop replace it.

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