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A mid-range smartphone from Samsung released in 2019 with an improved camera over the A50 model.

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What to do if Display Touch is not working of Samsung galaxy A50s

What to do if our Samsung galaxy A50 s mobile display touch is not working

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nature problem


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some troubleshooting questions to ask to hopefully narrow this down. and either I or someone else can give you the answer.

  1. is it getting power and or does it seem to have any power related issues?
  2. is the device showing signs of life? when the proper button is pushed does it light up? (whatever that may be) and does it seem to have solid power?
  3. does the device sound, feel, and look as it should?
  4. are there other things going on? does the display look different? anything that happened at the same time as touch not working? any physical damage to the display? (my experience with samsung displays is if it’s damaged, it may work now, but it will eventually fail.)
  5. describe doesn’t work: doesn’t work can be as simple as not responding to touch at all. (could assume but i’ve usually made troubleshooting mistakes when i do that) it’s best to have as much info as possible to get the best picture of what you’re experiencing.
  6. (ties into previous question) has the device recently or anytime in the past come in contact with water?
  7. this can be dropped in the ocean, to being in the bathroom while taking a hot shower (steam damage) to even living in high humidity areas.

there are tons of other questions to ask. but these sets are a good place to get started.

as stated earlier I don’t like to fill in the info myself for these questions as that leads to poor troubleshooting and won’t help you.

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@pawanbaheti I would always do a soft reset first. Just to make sure that it is not a software issue. Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button, down simultaneously for more than 7 seconds. You will feel it vibrate when your phone restarts.

I that did not resolve anything it could be time to replace the digitizer, which is part of the display assembly. To replace the LCD use something like this video

If even with a new display your touchscreen still does not work, your phone may need a board level check. SOmething like this flowchart will help with that.

Block Image

To find the components to check use your search function on your PDF reader to locate them from this Component Layout

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Fingerprints not working

Update (05/28/24)

Fingerprints not working

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