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Samsung's tenth-generation flagship "phablet," featuring its trademark S Pen stylus. Released August 2019.

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transfer working motherboard to identical phone. Possible?

Dropped my supposedly waterproof phone in water and now I can't power it on. I have photos of great sentimental value on the internal storage, which is an integral part of the motherboard. If the motherboard is working, will transferring it to another, identical phone allow me to retrieve them? This seems easier than replacing the battery and power cables as it's not glued in and can be taken out easily. Will the new phone accept the motherboard without issue? I don't care about making calls or working cameras, just want to be able to access the internal storage.

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This should work. You might need to make sure to transfer it into another phone of the same region, but other than that, there shouldn't be any complications getting the data out this way. The cameras, fingerprint reader, and/or cell signal might not work, but you shouldn't need those ti work for the data transfer.

Let me know if you need any further assistance/advice

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Hi, thanks for the reply, really appreciate you taking the time out. Unfortunately I had no joy. Managed to get hold of an identical phone, UK SIM Free carrier unlocked model, powered it up and tested everything, all worked fine. Swapped motherboards and neither phone powered on. Put the motherboards back in their original phones and the new one powered on again, everything worked. So either both the motherboard and power circuit are bad on the waterlogged phone, or more needs to be swapped than the motherboard to get a new phone to recognise it. I'm at the limits of my abilities. I'm handy enough with swapping components, but I've got no testing ability and I don't know enough about the phone to know if I needed to swap more over to get it to work. Looks like I've lost the data on the flash storage unless I go down the road of a professional data recovery service, which in the UK would cost about £700. Nonetheless, thanks again for taking the time to try and help me out.


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