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Выпущен в июне 2017 года как преемник Surface Pro 4. Также известен как Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3». Номер модели: FJT-00001.

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Any shop to buy original or at least a good battery for Surface 5 Pro?

Hi, I am desparate. I am sending a 5th battery back because it wasn't the original one or wasn't even a brand I needed. The only original one was a discounted one 3-4 years old, which had to be discharged already.

I am looking for a battery of a good brand, similiar to the OEMs., as the original ones are not available anymore. Is the one listed here on this site a good one? Or do you know any shop or other brand closer to the original's battery quality?

Thanks for any response.

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@matejpaulovic only fair enough that we recommend our sponsor. You can get the battery from here Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Batteries Remember, you will get OEM quality and have the support of a company that will always make things right.

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