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The Ohmeda Excel 210 is an anesthesia machine with powerful ventilation and monitoring capabilities. It can accommodate three gases and two vaporizers.

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I have Ohmeda 210 Ventilator , but it’s ventilator is not working

I have Ohmeda 210 Ventilator , but it’s ventilator is not working I have Ohmeda 210 Ventilator , but it’s ventilator is not working because of its supply issue and I think its supply is changed and I don’t know it’s voltage.. please help

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Here are some tips for troubleshooting an Ohmeda 210 ventilator that is not working due to a potential power supply issue:

  • The Ohmeda 210 can operate on either AC or DC power. For AC, it requires a power input of 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz. For DC, it requires 11-15VDC.
  • First, verify the ventilator is being powered - check that it is plugged in, the outlet has power, and any circuit breakers are not tripped.
  • Inspect the power cable for damage and ensure it is securely plugged into the ventilator. Replace if damaged.
  • Open the ventilator case and check that the internal power connector is properly attached to the main circuit board. Reseat if needed.
  • Using a multimeter, check the voltage at the power input terminals or connectors on the main board. It should match the nameplate voltage for AC or DC operation.
  • If the input voltage is correct, the issue may be a failed internal power supply module. This will need replacement.
  • Also, inspect for any burnt/damaged components on the main board that could indicate a power surge issue.
  • Check error codes for any power or supply-related alerts.
  • As a temporary solution, try using an external DC power supply matched to the unit's input specs.

Document any error conditions and double-check the input voltage/connections to determine if the issue is internal or external to the ventilator.

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Please check its pictures, I think its power supply is changed so we can’t replace it when we won’t exactly know the voltage properly


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