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Subaru revealed the third generation Impreza at the New York Auto Show on 2 April 2007—both the standard naturally aspirated Impreza and turbocharged WRX versions were revealed.

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Why is my car idle not smooth and car feels like it’s choking

So I drive a Subaru Impreza and I changed the engine in it and didn’t replace any parts other then sparks plug when I first put it in even though I should off my mistake which I am paying for now so my issue is the car every now and then after a couple months later feels like it’s choking and doesn’t have enough power when taking off or even when driving my heater core is also blocked so heater doesn’t work unless I unblock it and after unblocking it I realised while waiting for the car to heat up the car while idling feels like it’s about to shut off then the revs come back up and this happens until car is warm enough to idle on its own I also have a pod filter on not sure it that effects anything but ye was wondering what I should be looking for because I have a feeling I might need to pull my engine out again and do the full works on it and there’s also think I burning oil cause my exhaust fumes smell different and very strong as well I am from Australia wa btw

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@anesjehel what do you mean by "my heater core is also blocked so heater doesn’t work unless I unblock it"? All of this sounds like you are not getting enough air, or to much fuel. It sounds like your engine is burning to rich. When you changed your engine, did you change the ECM or did you get it reprogramed. I would at minimum have your Subaru's OBD II scanned. See what codes are popping up. This may be an engine control module issue. Let us know what exact model year your Impreza is and what engine it has

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@oldturkey03 nah I didn’t change the ecm didn’t need to and my car is a 2008 Impreza rs hat back with same stock engine it originally came with if memory serves me right it’s a ej204 and what I mean by the heater core is the little radiator that’s inside the dash for your heater I will plug in a obd scanner and see what codes I get and let you know


@anesjehel I know what the heater core is, I had wondered how you unblocked it. All of what you are describing, sure sounds like a fuel management issue.


Also check the cooling fan at the radiator,also you can swap the relay to the fan and also the swap fuel pump relay .Swap one of the relays from defrost heater or wipers to see if it improves the problem .


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