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Released 2016, this Sharper Image stunt drone is rechargeable and has a 150-foot flying range. It is black with 4 propellers. It has a 2.4GHz transmitter. It requires no FAA registration and includes charging cable and (4)replacement blades. It has removable blade guards.

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Lights flash even when turned off

The red and white status light on the drone flash even when the power switch on the drone is turned off. The flashing is brighter in the on position. The drone no longer pairs with the remote. Any ideas?

The drone suffered what seemed to be a light bump on a ceiling before malfunctioning. If nobody has a better idea, I guess I'll open it up and see if perhaps there is an antenna to reattach or some other obvious problem.

Update: Well... my boy was impatient to we had a go at it. I opened it up, moved the battery, realized there are no serviceable parts, closed it back up and... wouldn't you know, it works again but not perfectly. Now it has intermittent disconnection issues.

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sounds like something else is loose.

you need to get back in it and verify all connections are solid and clean. Remove and replace connectors.

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