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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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Right Fan Not Working

Hey guys,

Right fan of my girlfriends' macbook 14 pro 2021 is not working. Actually it tries to work under load but it increases the fan speed from 0 to 20k and beeps when I can with macs fan control. It keeps beeping periodically. The question is, if I remove the back cover and disconnect right fan will the mac start? The most demanding app she is using is zoom, on average she works with chrome and spreadsheets. As she is using it like this for 4 months without right fan, I don't think it will be a problem for disconnecting the right fan. But the question is if it will start the mac or not without the fan. Before removing the cover I wanted to ask, I will be glad if anyone knows the answer.


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The beeps is telling you something! Instead of second guessing disconnecting the fan will fix this how about getting a better idea what the problem is.

So… Restart the system and press the D key it will enter into the onboard diagnostics. Let’s see what it tells you.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

And no disconnecting the fan is not a wise action as SMC will loos access to the fans Tach and do two things ramp up the fans speed as well as lower the CPUs clocking to prevent damage.

All it will do is confuse you on what’s needed to truly fix your system.

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