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The Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt (also called the J1 mini) is an Android smartphone released by Samsung Electronics in February 2016.

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How to replace screen

How to replace screen

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Hi Ayush Sah,

I was unable to locate any step by step iFixit-style instructions for you to use, but I did run across a YouTube video that will show you what you need to do. This isn't what you'd call a professional level repair by any means, but the basics are all there and will get you through the procedure. It shows you how to replace the front glass digitizer, the LCD itself or both, depending on what exactly is broken on your phone.


As you're working on your phone, take lots of pictures and use those to create your own guide so others can benefit from your experience. It's fun and easy and helps the community.

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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