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The Samsung Galaxy A30S is a phone released by Samsung in August of 2019. It came with Android 9.0

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My phone screen is black and phone is working, how to solve this?

My phone screen is black and phone is working but can not showing screen on. How to fix it?

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You can try unplugging the battery inside of the device and disconnecting the screen, then connecting them again. Also make sure to connect the phone to a charger to make sure it's not dead. If that doesn't work, the screen you got may have come with a bad LCD. Make sure all the screws are in the right place. Putting screws in the wrong place can lead to something getting damaged.

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How to open the phone it's no screw.


On that phone you have to heat up the back cover of the phone and remove the back, then remove the midframe and once that's removed you will have access to the battery, screen, and all internals.


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It does sound as though the screen has failed on your phone. Did anything happen to it recently, such as getting dropped, wet or banged against something? It certainly couldn't hurt to try the suggestions made by @dukeospades, especially regarding opening up the phone and disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and the display.

If none of that helps, then the next logical step would indeed be to replace the screen. On your phone it comes already installed on the frame, which basically means you have to gut the phone and transfer everything over to the new screen + frame. Fortunately Samsung has made sure it's actually not too bad of a job; nowhere near as difficult as the same job would be on, say, an iPhone 13.

Sorry to say, iFixit doesn't have a guide for you, but there's a French site called SOSav that has just what you need. If you use it with the Chrome browser, then the automatic translation feature makes it very usable even if you don't speak French.

Complete screen (Screen + frame) Galaxy A30s repair - Free guide - SOSav.fr

The guide will, at a minimum, show you how to open up the phone and where the connectors for the battery and screen are. Once you've checked those connectors you'll be in a better position to decide whether a new screen is needed or not.

Feel free to come back and let us know what you find and ask if you need any more help.

Good luck with your repair!

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