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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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MacBook Pro Shuts Down Unexpectedly (Maybe issue in logic board?)

So, I have this MacBook Pro which shuts down unexpectedly with a loud noise from fan and then refuses to turn on.

I have tried examining the logic board but I am not sure what could be the reason as I am new to this repairing stuff. Hence, I am uploading some pictures of logic board for you experts to analyze if you can find any issue.

Block Image

Block Image

Based on my physical observation I am assuming the issue lies here (SSD maybe?):

Block Image

Block Image

If I am right, what could be the reason for this? And is this issue repairable by simply cleaning with 99% isopropanol alcohol?

Battery Status:

Block Image

Thanking you all for the help and suggestions.

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I don't see any visible damage based on the images you presented. I see you're able to power it on long enough to install coconutBattery. Does the crash occur randomly or is it triggered by certain types of events? Does it occur after extended use? Does the device feel hot or very warm to the touch when it powers down? Have you checked for any crash logs in the Console utility? Was the fan dusty when you opened it? Does the crash still occur when you're booted in Safe Mode? Once you have some answers to those questions we can try to help you further. Good luck!

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Thanks for looking into my issue. I presumed it would be anissue in ssd but guess it isn't.

The stats from coconut battery is when it used to stay powered on longer but now is the different case.

It would crash even during startup after entering password. I then tried to Reinstall fresh MacOS with recovery mode erasing entire SSD and EVEN there during installation/during erasing SSD, it stopped responding, trackpad button became unresponsive, and there came a lound noise from the fan like it is at full throttle and then it crashed (it is happening constantly now as I tried it more than 5 times).

Without MacOS it is turning on fine and the it stays on witht he question mark on screen as long as I want.

To your questions:

-Crash occur randomly at any point and without extended use and even in Safe Mode.

-It feels warm but not the point to touch

- Couldn't check logs and the fan seems to be fine and not dusty



Sounds like a logic board issue, but what the issue is I can't conclusively say. You could try booting into Apple Diagnostics (hold D on startup) to see if it tells you anything. Maybe using an external fan to cool the machine during use will get it to stay on longer? My guess is that a component is overheating or a sensor is failing, but I'm not sure. You may need to do some board level testing, and if you don't have experience with that I'd recommend taking it into a shop to get it serviced. Good luck!


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