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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for MacBook Air models with 15-inch displays.

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Spilt a tiny bit of soda on my laptop keyboard

hi y’all! so like 20 minutes ago i spilt a little root beer on the arrow keys of the keyboard. it was a droplet but like a medium sized one. it disappeared almost immediately which makes me think it soaked through but there were also a lot of bubbles so it couldve just been made up entirely of bubbles and they popped, anyways, i turned it upside down to see if it would drip out but nothing came out. i blew on it with a hair dryer to make it dry faster and now its just sitting there off.

so like what should i do from here?? it doesnt seem like its gonna be a big deal because everything’s working fine but i literally just got my computer so my dad will killll me.

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Did you rub your lucky rabbits foot or find a four leaf clover?

Sadly, this is a matter of which is worse! Assuming the drink didn’t travel far and what it will take to at least clean the key mechanism of the sticky soda remains.

Or rubbing that lucky rabbits foot the key still works! And for the best just keep hoping things don’t get worse.

You may want to get a keyboard skin to protect things, you want the thinnest one possible as Apple has very tight tolerances.

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