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Single-function printer with integrated ink tanks for fast, cost-effective, reliable colour printing including two years' worth of ink

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Red light blink not print..

Repair this device please help me to repair this printer problem

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@susanta48194 which red light blinks and does it blink in a pattern? Did anything happen to the printer that may have brought this on? What have you checked?


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I believe it said your inkpad is at the end, contact support.

If this is your problems, then replace your inkpad first otherwise your ink waste will flooding the printer.

Search for adj.prog for L310, download it.

Disabled your antivirus for a while.

Rund this program choose your printer type and ports.

Click waste ink counter reset.

Don't forget to choose check first (Menu) before resetting it.

Hope this will help to resolve your problems

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epson l360 printer lining print out problam

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