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Guides and repair information for Electrolux vacuums.

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Pure i9 error code 20: is it the batteries or the charging station?

My robot vacuum Electrolux Pure i9 has been working fine for 5 years, but a few days ago it reported an Error code 20, which should mean that it is the wrong charging station.

It is the exact same charging station as always, so I am wondering if it might be the batteries instead?

(I don't want to spend money on unnecessary purchases).

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@anders12458 If it’s reporting the wrong charging station, the first thing to check is if the vacuum is making proper contact with the charging station. There are two metal pads beneath the vacuum that make contact with the charging station. Take an eraser and clean them of any corrosion and dirt, same for the pads on the charging station.

If that doesn’t work, then I’d look at buying a new charging station. Batteries appear to be a different error code 21 so that’s unlikely to be the cause, but you can grab a voltmeter and check if the voltage is lower than they should be.

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That was exactly what was needed. Thank you 😊


I have a similar problem and it’s only 2Yrs old. My device doesn’t show error codes (as far as I can tell) but app says “problem with charger check power supply”. When it first happened I went through all the usual steps but finally called support who said pay $245AUD for 2 new batteries. That fixed it for a couple of days. Then I did all the steps again but no luck. Next I tried charging it on the charge station of my other robot (yes I have 2). That worked for a few days. But today back to same issue. These robots are great when they work but this particular one has been troublesome from the get go.

Solution of chucking out charge station and paying another $200 for a new one seems unreasonable to me: environmentally & from a fair practice perspective.

It’s not like they are cheap. I paid $900AUD for this robot. Shld get more than 2yrs b4 having to pay another $425 just to keep it working.


Electrolux should make a more reliable machine or provide more after sales support, warranty or not.


Jag är också mycket besviken på min PUREi9.2 robotdammsugare.Skall köpa en ny dammsugare av en tillverkare ser ingen annan möjlighet.


Yes @Rosemary Grundy - my experience has almost been identical to yours - I am also very let down. I paid full price for mine thinking I was buying a reliable brand but it seems electrolux know very little about robot vacs ! I am disappointed and badly out of pocket


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