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charging port needs replaced/resoldered

I damaged the charging port when I pushed down on the ipod to dock it. I opened the ipod and was able to push the port back into place. I saw that several of the connections appear to have broken away. I'm not very good at soldering that small of connections nor do I have the equipment. So my question is , is it worth the cost of paying someone to do it for me? Also do you make repairs there?

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Thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you....


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Mike, I know that you are unsure of doing this type of repair. As you probably already found out, the part is relatively inexpensive but a PITA to fix, unless you have the right tools and practice. The cost for this type of repair is about $50 and up. Check on places like this and contact them, see what you think. It is my understanding that the staff at iFixit does not repair any devices. No matter what, the cost for the repair is still a lot cheaper than to replace the iPod:-) Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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I agree. You can buy the part in eBay.

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